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Florida offers many opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and natural beauty. Many families take advantage of these moments by touring the state in an RV. Before you hit the road, get the insurance you need to protect your journey. At Accesspoint Insurance, our agents work with RVers in Florida to get the right coverage in place.

RVs are required to carry liability insurance. While this may seem similar to auto insurance policies, there are some distinctive differences. An RV, while a vehicle, is also a temporary home. Your agent will talk with you about your policy options based on the size and weight of your RV.

RVs are classed as A, B, or C. Class A are larger ones that are used for long periods. Class B motorhomes are usually described as “camper vans.” The most popular RVs are Class C motorhomes because of their mid-range size and economy.

If the RV is totaled in an accident or stolen, the policy will provide for replacement costs, as well as liability protection. You should also look for policies that cover RV accessories, such as a satellite dish or awnings. It should also include the RVs content such as electronics, clothing, and any sporting or camping gear that you bring along.

If you don’t take your RV out very often, this should be discussed with your agent. Some companies offer discounts or lower premium policies for those who only use an RV once or twice a year. This can impact the amount and type of protection you need.

At AccessPoint Insurance, our agents want everyone in the Boca Raton, FL area to truly enjoy the beauty of natural Florida. An RV is the perfect way to do this. Before you head out, email our agents for information about RV insurance. When you’re ready, head to our offices to visit with our agents. Take time today to protect the investment you’ve made in your family’s RV


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