Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Florida is one of the many states that doesn’t require you to have boat and watercraft insurance in order to use your boat on the waters. However, if your boat or watercraft is financed, your lender will require you to have insurance, and many marinas and docks also require you to have boat or watercraft insurance to use their facilities.

What Types of Boat and Watercraft Insurance are Available in Florida?

Many of the policies for water recreation vehicles are the same as the ones for cars on the roadways. However, since your boat is a specialized item and operates on the water, it also has other types of insurance different from auto insurance.

You should purchase collision insurance for your boat or watercraft in order to pay for repairs or replacement of your property when it is involved in an accident on the water. You should also consider comprehensive coverage to pay out to you in the event of damages to your boat from any other item than a crash.

This would include theft and vandalism as well as weather-related items such as wind and hailstorms, as well as hurricanes and tornadoes that are common in Florida. Comprehensive and collision are usually collectively called hull insurance by insurance agents. Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance from Accesspoint Insurance will payout to the other party for their medical bills and to repair or replace their boat in cases that you are in an accident and are at fault. Boats can be costly, so if you damage someone’s boat and you don’t have insurance, you may have to sell some of your assets to pay their bills, which can be devastating.

Other specialty boat insurance includes salvage costs to recover your boat after an accident on the water and fuel spill cleanup, which often occurs in a boat wreck. You may consider roadside assistance and on-water towing to cover your costs while transporting your boat. They can rescue you off the water if your engine isn’t working properly, as well.

You can insure your expensive fishing equipment and also any personal property you take on the boat. In addition, there is also trailer trip interruption, hurricane haul-out coverage, and ice and freeze damage coverage for your boat or watercraft.

It’s quite hard to determine how much and which types of insurance you should secure to make sure you are covered. At Accesspoint Insurance in Boca Raton, FL, we can help you to navigate the waters of boat and watercraft insurance by phone or in-person when you drop by the office. Contact our agents to get started with a quote


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